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Beer & Book Pairing

You pick a selection of 3-4 beers and we’ll bring books that pair well with each one. We'll chat about the beers and the books we paired with them. This is a ticketed event, and we'll share the proceeds received from those reservations. In addition, we like to limit these to around 10 participants so that we're able to provide a discount on their first book purchase with us during the event.

NOTE: Wherever our stock allows, we will have New & Used book inventory at every event.

"What exactly is a Beer & Book Pairing?"

The beer part is typically set up like a traditional tasting - you'll discuss the styles, flavors, and process for the beer you choose to highlight while participants take notes and ask some questions. The book part is where we'll come in and discuss why we picked the books we brought along. We usually pair based on styles and flavor with genre and vibe - for example, 'Legends And Lattes' by Travis Baldree will always pair well with a heavy chocolate or coffee stout!

"What day/time do you typically schedule a pairing event?"

The great part about pairing events is they can take place at just about any time. Each event is typically a ticketed one and lasts between 2-3 hours. Since set-up is relatively quick the only time outside of the event would be when we stop by to chat with you about the beers you chose!

"Are Beer & Book Pairings 21+?"

Yes! In order to participate in the tasting participants must be 21 years of age or older. We'll be serving craft beer from your brewery unless otherwise arranged.

"How much effort and cost goes into a Pairing Event?"

Pairing events will be a ticketed pre-registered event. We usually limit these to around 10 total participants and we'll take care of setting up the links, etc required to do the pre-registration. Our standard ticket price is $20 per person. We prefer that a representative from your business participates in the event to talk about your beers, and therefore we split that ticket price 50/50 with you. We'll take care of everything else - materials, ticketing, and pairing.

"Where will the Book pairing be set up?"

All of our events will take place on site at your location. For the book pairing, all we need is a 6ft table to set up (we can use yours or bring our own!) and seating for around 10 total participants.

"Do you ever do Non-Alcoholic pairing events?"

Absolutely! Reach out to us using the Event Request form and select the Beer & Book pairing option. Make sure to include in the notes that you'd like to do non-Alcoholic and we'll discuss details directly with you.

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