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Adult Book Fair

Adult Book Fair is all about the fan fair! Our goal is to recreate that same feeling we all had at book fairs in our earlier years. This means lots of books, lots of advertising, lots of small activities and plenty of nostalgia. This is NOT a ticketed event, which means we do require a fee to pull it off, however - in true book fair fashion - 20% of that fee will be shared directly with the Lee County Library system.

NOTE: Wherever our stock allows, we will have New & Used book inventory at every event.

"You said 'Adult' Book Fair - Does that mean 21+?"

If you'd like us to limit the event to 21+, we can do that but our goal is to trigger that nostalgic feeling in anyone who doesn't typically get a yearly book fair anymore. When we say "Adult", we simply mean that the books are more geared for an older audience. We'll have a range of inventory that speaks to Young Adult readers and older. If space allows, we can certainly have a small Children's/Middle Grade section as well!

"What day/time do you typically schedule an Adult Book Fair?"

Adult Book Fair events are best on Weekends during the day (like Noon to 5pm on a Saturday). We will discuss the best timing while we're going over event details! One thing to note is that we only host Adult Book Fairs about once a calendar quarter because we are a small team and a lot of work goes into these events.

"How much effort and cost goes into a Book Fair Event?"

All we ask from you is three things - 1) share your space with us, 2) begin advertising the event at least two weeks in advance and 3) Depending on the nature of the event, we may re quest a $200-300 fee to cover costs. Hosting an Adult Book Fair requires quite a bit of work on our end, the fee will take care of materials, set-up, and hosting staff. In addition to helping us cover costs for the event, we treat every book fair like a traditional one by supporting our local library and 20% of our fee goes directly to Lee County NC Libraries.

"What goes into creating an Adult Book Fair, anyways?"

Imagine the same book fair you may have attended when you were younger - typically a U shaped display of all your favorite chapter books, a table in the middle with even more, and lots of fun book and writing accessories to add on. Now, just increase the reading level of the books! We'll provide all of the necessary materials for each event. Most of our Book Fairs will have cardboard book displays, and mini activities such as book & drink pairings, and coloring pages.

"Where will the Book Fair be set up?"

Every event we host will be on-site at your location using the space that you are able to provide for us. We'll discuss details of that as we finalize the event with you directly. For the Adult Book Fair, we'll need a significant amount of space to get the full effect!

"Will you share any proceeds from the event?"

Our fee covers materials, set-up, and hosting staff. In addition, 20% of that fee will go directly to Lee County NC Libraries. During the event, we will also have a few stations set up accepting donations that will also go directly to Lee County NC Libraries.

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