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Book Club

All we need from you is a space to meet. We’ll take care of hosting the book club with questions and fun activities for the group! We will bring a small selection of merchandise with us each month that consists of similar recommendations as well as selections to choose from for the next month’s book. 

NOTE: Wherever our stock allows, we will have New & Used book inventory at every event.

"What goes into a Book Club event?"

Book Club meet up are super fun and super simple! We'll take care of everything for you - providing questions for discussion, facilitating book selection, activities as needed, etc. All we need from you is space to meet once a month.

"Is there any kind of age limit on a Book Club meet up?"

That depends! Some folks like to theme book clubs by an age range or genre - ultimately the details are up to you. Our most common book clubs are for older audiences and general fiction but we are big fans of mixing things up with a Fantasy or Romance Club, Middle Grade Club or any other ideas you have!

"When is the best day/time for a Book Club meet up?"

We recommend a weeknight towards the end of the month for Book Club. This usually means between 1-2 hours after 4pm any day Monday through Friday. We can do a weekend day as well if that works best with your space, just let us know!

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