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Full Store Pop-Up

Our full store Pop-up is where we'll have all our products with us (books & drinks!). We can limit drinks to Non-Alcoholic, or bring a little of everything. These are the type of pop-ups you'll find at street festivals and markets where we come out to hang with everyone!

NOTE: Wherever our stock allows, we will have New & Used book inventory at every event.

"What goes into a Full Pop-Up event?"

Our basic set up fills a 10x10ft tent. Depending on the event (street/outdoor market vs. indoor), we bring our own tent and displays. The only thing we need from you is to tell us where we'll be!

"Is there any kind of age limit on the Full Pop-Up event?"

Our Full Store Pop-up is for all ages! Our inventory ranges from Children's to Adult and our beverages available consist of both Non-Alcoholic & Alcoholic. If you'd like us to limit some of our options, just let us know!

"When is the best day/time for a Full Pop-Up?"

The best part about our Full Pop-Up events is that they work for day and evening events any day of the week. We typically do weekday events later in the afternoon (like 4-10pm), but we are flexible on those times with enough advanced notice.

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